Can you really make money doing surveys ?

Beginning 2016 I set out to answer the question Can you really make money doing surveys ? and today I’m sharing my results:

First you must know that filling out surveys isn’t a day job income replacement, instead it’s a supplemental income method.

Sometimes you receive mails like this:

“Earn $130 per week! All by just sitting home, sipping coffee, and filling out surveys.”

Is this true?  Yes. Does make sense that some companies are willing to pay for market research by using online surveys, and we believe this will be a good way to spend your free time. But let me elaborate.

You may be thinking, “I’ll go online and find a site that screens out the scammers and ranks paid survey sites, and that way I’ll find the legitimate online survey companies”. Well, you found it.

There are legitimate online survey companies, like

can you really make money doing surveys

How much can you realistically expect to earn doing online surveys?

Since I wanted some extra income I could earn at home in my spare time, I spent a month or so to see how much I would earn filling out online surveys.

The results? I earned about $85 first month. Keep in mind, I only took surveys in a little bit of my spare time after my regular work hours and for a less than 4 weeks.

So Yes, you definitely can earn money on the Internet working at home. Many people do this very successfully.

If you are determined to go ahead with online surveys, here’s some advice: first, ignore all solicitations classified as spam. They are often scams. Better go to reputable sites like

How Do I Actually Make Money?

The above company offer you methods for making money from filling out surveys and provide offers you can complete. It really is as simple as signing up, answering the preliminary screening questions they may ask you, and then go to survey menu. Every survey varies in length and compensation, but from my experience so far the typical payout is anywhere from $.50 to $3.90 and between 5 minutes to 25 minutes.