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Compound fund – Investing easily

compound.fund it’s great website; you can invest, and then they trade on your behalf, buying/selling crypto currencies, aiming to make a profit. They then compound their variable results to your investment balance daily, and keep doing that until you cashout your entire investment balance. That you may do at any time!

Update: In the fourth quarter of year 2016, this web decided to cease its activities, leaving behind a great benefit for users, who have seen double or even triple their deposits since November 2015. Its administrator has decided to undertake a new project.

Active users: 928
Total funds: $177,478.66
Total cashouts: $72,855.31
Total deposits: $103,714.26


No signup required. Each investment gets a public profile.

How do you invest?

Click on the INVEST NOW page. Fill out the form and send the money. They accept BTC-E codes, BitCoin, Payza, Payeer, OKPay, and Perfect Money. If you wish to invest via Bank Wire, signup at www.btc-e.com , and investigate funding your account there. Once done, send to “compound.fund” a BTC-E code.

Alternatively, create a free account with https://payeer.com that you can fund by many more methods!

deposit via alternatively methods

Are there any deposit fees?

BTC-E codes are free! BitCoin deposits are also free (They add whatever they receive, after the normal BitCoin network fee, in USD at the current market rate). Perfect Money does incur a deposit fee (the deposit form tells you how much; it fluctuates depending upon how much their exchange platform charges to fund via Perfect Money)

How much will you earn with compound.fund?

They pay variable rates daily. A few percent up or down usually. They pass on whatever they make; less overheads, their commission, and transaction fees. Check out their RESULTS page to see their past performance.

Can you lose money?

Yes. They run into loss days sometimes (and when they happen, they often come in groups). Their typical trading strategy is to position for the big (relatively slow) medium term price swings that happen over periods of 3-4months…. However, when buying into these trades, you rarely catch them right at the top/bottom. And thereby the opening days, even weeks can be an erosion of funds as the market continues going up/down; before the swing you’re predicting comes into play and the big rebound occurs… So, expect loss days. But be patient! The key stats to look at are their overall profitability over 3-4months periods. Time periods less than that, are all good luck / bad luck… aka variance.

Take a look at my balance.

balance compound fund

Update 2016

compound.fund earnings

What are the risks?

(1)  If they trade incorrectly; buying when they should be selling, and vice versa. Then they can lose some money. This can happen, and is part of their normal operation.
(2) Theft. Crypto-currencies cannot typically be recovered when they are stolen.
(3) Government Intervention. If their exchange platform (BTC-E.com) gets shut down. Losses will occur.
(4) The complete devaluation of crypto-currencies. They are not backed by any commodity, if overnight everyone loses confidence in them. They could become valueless numbers on a screen.

How do you cashout?

Use the search form at the bottom of their homepage, enter your email address to find your investment profile. View that, and then click on the cashout button, enter your password and request your cashout. You’ll receive an email with a link to confirm your cashout. Click on that, and they will send you your cash either as a BTC-E code, or fire it right back to your original deposit method and account number.

How do BTC-E codes work?

(1) Create an account with www.btc-e.com
(2) Login, click on ‘Finances’ and then ‘Redeem’ next the BTC-E code option or click HERE
(3) Enter the code “compound.fund” give you. And the funds will be instantly added to your BTC-E account balance.
(4) From there, you can cash out your money to your bank account, Visa/Mastercard card, Perfect Money, Paypal, Okpay, Epese, Ecoin or MoneyPolo account. Or you can use it to buy a crypto currency; and cashout to your BitCoin, LiteCoin and other online wallets free of charge!

Can you deposit today and cashout tomorrow?

Yes! compound.fund lets you to cashout absolutely everything at any time.

Can you make multiple investments?

Yes. Each investment will get it’s own profile, and will need to be cashed out separately. If you want to specifically add funds to an existing investment, and are planning to use the same deposit method; you can click on ‘add funds’ in your investment profile.

How long do cashouts take? How much do they cost?

Cashouts are usually approved the same/next working day. They charge a 0.2% withdrawal fee (eg. Cashout $100, they will send $99.80)

Do “compound.fund” offer a referral program?

Yes. They pay you 5% of everything your friends earn each day. Find your referral link at the bottom of your investment profile page.

When did Compound.Fund launch? Who owns it?

November 13th 2015. It was founded by Richard O’Neill. Facebook Profile

Feel free to invest:  compound.fund




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