OKPAY.com is a P2P and B2C web-based payment system providing users with a virtual account that allows them to easily load, send, receive and withdraw money as well as make purchases online. OKPAY is a widespread electronic payments system and ranks among the world’s leading eWallet providers.

The OKPAY payment network offers access to a large number of payment options for businesses in over 200 countries with a single integration. Also gives you complete online control over your finances. Say goodbye to long queues and paperwork.

Allows you to accept bank wire and money transfers and all e-currencies quickly and affordably. Accept:

  • Bank Transfers, Corporate and Bank Cheques;
  • Various Electronic Currencies;
  • Money Transfer Systems;
  • Phone Payments.

Most of the payment options are also available for funding your OKPAY e-wallet.

Manage your funds: send/receive money, pay a merchant, etc.

This payment processor provides users with a virtual account that allows them to easily load, send, receive and withdraw money, convert the world’s major currencies as well as make purchases online. The advanced eWallet system allows clients to pay online conveniently and securely without revealing personal and financial data, as well as send and receive money transfers cost-effectively by simply using an email address. You will never encounter chargebacks because money transfers are non-refundable.

Withdraw funds the most convenient way

Money is always available for withdrawal via the following options:

  • OKPAY Card – is one of the most convenient ways to get money out of your account. Use it worldwide at ATMs, online, or anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. With the OKPAY Card your money is always in your pocket. Thanks to this feature, OK PAY is an extremely convenient platform for managing payouts!
  • OKPAY Banking Services – send international wire transfers in any bank to any country.
  • Cash Money Transfer Systems – perform fast and low-cost transfers without opening a bank account.



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