What is PayPal?

It’s a service that allows you to pay online—using money in your PayPal account, your bank account, or with a credit card—anywhere a merchant displays a PayPal checkout button.

If you make purchases online, but you worry about identity theft, try to use PayPal, instead of a credit card. In addition, it will limit the number of people who have access to your confidential information and keep you safer.

How to create an account?

Step 1 Visit

Visit the PayPal website and sign up for an account using a valid email address.

Step 2 Activate the account

Activate the account by opening the automatically generated email sent to your inbox, clicking on the link in the email, and entering your password.

Step 3 Link your cards

Link your credit or debit card from the Account Profile Page by entering the card number, security code, and your billing address.

Step 4 Link your bank account

Link your checking account through the profile page of your PayPal account by providing your account and routing numbers.

Linking a bank account allows you to transfer funds from PayPal to your bank and from your bank to your PayPal account. It is not mandatory, but recommended.

Step 5  Confirm bank account

Confirm the bank account by checking your statement for two small deposits made by PayPal. Enter the deposit amounts at your account page to finalize the process.

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