What is Payza?

Payza is an online payment platform which allows anyone with an email address to send and receive money online. With an account, you can run an online business, add and withdraw funds, make payouts and much more!  Payza is an atlernative online payment processor to PayPal. Considering the restricitons imposed by PayPal on users of some countries to benefit from paypal, payza is a very useful option.

In principle Payza also works like PayPal but has some different features. To analyse those and create an account, visit . Payza is although not the most popular of methods out there, but its exciting features would proably bring it ahead of paypal soon.

If you would like to sign up for an account, just follow these quick steps:

1. On the Payza website click on the “Sign up now” button.
2. Select the account type- we recommend “Starter” accounts for new members.
3. Fill out the information to complete registration.
4. You will receive a validation email within moments. Simply follow the directions in this email to complete the registration process.
5. Once you have validated your email address, your account will be active.


Once you have completed the sign up process, you will be able to use your account. We encourage you to verify your account in order to access the full range of account features available to you, and to enhance the security.

Verifying Your Account

To get the full benefit of your account it needs to be verified. To do this:

Log in to your account
Click on ‘Profile’
Select ‘Account Verification’

If you are a Canadian member, you will need to complete two of the three following verification procedures:

Attestation of Identity
Bank Account Confirmation + Document Verification
Credit File Confirmation

Verification measures for US and International members include but are not limited to the following (two of three for US members and one of two for International members):

Bank Account Confirmation (US only)
Credit Card Validation
Phone Validation

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