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Referral Program on PTC sites

Referral Program on PTC sites

Remember about PTC sites and paid to click jobs

This business needs no professionalism, just log into your account, view ads or complete simple tasks daily and get paid. A simple money making program in which viewers earn real money from the share which they (ptc sites) get through advertisers. Ptc sites are found to be the best way of making money online at home while sitting in front of your computer without any investment and skills. It is very simple to earn money with PTC sites. Once registered, you are ready to earn. You can also increase your income through referring others to PTC sites by using your referral links and earn almost 50% to 100% of share from their activities (NOTICE: The money isn’t out of referrals wallet).

What is referral program and referral earning in PTC sites?

You can refer people to PTC sites using your referral link (provided by the PTC sites once you have registered). When the person you referred clicks on some ads in PTC site, you will get a small amount of money as a reward. Normally you and your referrals need to click ads to get the referral reward on that day. ClixSense pays you just for your referral’s click and you don’t need to visit the site everyday.

An example earning chart is given below with 100 referrals under your downline. Surely all of them won’t be active (not clicking ads everyday), so consider 50 active referrals.
Your click earnings: 5 ads x $.01 = $0.05/day
Your referral click earnings: 50 x 5 ads x $.005 = $1.25/day
Your total earnings per day per site = $1.30
Your monthly earnings per site = 30 x $1.30 = $39
If you join just 10 best paying PTC sites, your potential earnings is: 10 x 39 = $390/month

In the image below, I show you the money I earn every day from my few referrals, on the Clixsense website, where I am registered

referral program

What are direct referrals and rented referrals in PTC sites?

If a person joins the site using your referral id (this can be found in the PTC referrals section) he is a direct referral of you. But if you find it difficult to get some referrals, the site itself will give some users as your referral. These are called rented referrals. To rent referrals you need to pay some money to the site. But some sites has an option to deduct the amount from your PTC account balance. This is an excellent option because you don’t have to get into an external transaction.


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