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Review of TradeTracker

TradeTracker is the market leading affiliate network company in many territories. Their success has been built on the relationships formed between affiliates and merchants in-conjunction with their advanced, self designed, software.

TradeTracker offers online advertisers (merchants) and publishers (affiliates) the possibility to optimize online marketing and sales activities on the basis of ‘pay-for-performance’.

If you want to increase your online sales results, TradeTracker will help you with this objective by providing you with the most reliable proprietary software solution in the affiliate marketing industry. His tracking and linking technology is unique and provides real benefits in terms of your bottom line.

They will be constantly monitoring your campaigns to ensure maximum revenues are achieved.


TradeTracker offers online publishers (affiliates) the chance to generate income from their web site(s). You can become an affiliate if you are a site owner. Participation is free and you only need to include those advertisers that you consider appropriate.

The commissions that you can expect to receive as an affiliate will vary on the campaigns (adverts) that you promote as well as the relevance of the campaigns to your users. Some campaigns may offer commission based on sales or leads, others may offer a commission per visitor (click).

Through their unique software, TradeTracker offers affiliates real-time insight into how their web site is performing. With the aid of great statistics, advertising campaigns can be monitored. This enables you, as an affiliate, to achieve the best results possible. The required software is offered free of charge.

The advantages of being a TradeTracker affiliate are:

  • Direct access to advertisers
  • Optimisation of your advertising space
  • Clear and extensive statistics and reports
  • Timely and reliable payments
  • Great and simple tracking software

Then, if you want to achieve great earnings and yield from your publisher activities, I urge you to register as an affiliate partner of TradeTracker using their simple registration form.

register tradetracker


You already have a fantastic website, but the one missing ingredient is targeted traffic to help generate those important conversions. You don’t mind paying for advertising, but how can you be sure that you are getting the best return on this investment? What you need is a system whereby you only pay for results! Welcome to TradeTracker.

By running a “campaign” with TradeTracker, you will have access to their network of affiliate publishers. These affiliates will promote your brand/product to their targeted readership and deliver high-quality visitors to your site. You can determine which affiliates you accept and which transactions you approve.

You pay the affiliates a set or % based commission ONLY on the sales that are generated from these visitors. This is no-win no-pay advertising.

Tracking software used, is in-house developed and unique within the industry. The software is user-friendly and robust. Promotional material can be supplied in many formats and they can handle everything from simple banners to complex flash promotions.

You will also determine the commission structure which affiliates will receive. Don’t worry, Tradetracker expert account management team can help you. The incurred costs are only the commission that the affiliates receive. This commission can be built up of a cpc (cost per click), cpl (cost per lead), cpa (cost per action/sale), cpm (cost per mille/thousand) and/or a fixed fee that is only paid after the agreed performance is reached.

Because the costs are only incurred when the objectives have been reached, you as the advertiser can achieve unprecedented results with your online marketing campaigns.

Setting up a promotional campaign through TradeTracker can be done very quickly and simply. In most cases, you can start your online marketing campaign almost immediately.

The promotional material (banners, text links, etc.) and setting up the commission structure(s) for the affiliates can be done very quickly in conjunction with your account manager. They have technical manuals to help you with all of the implementation. Next, the participating affiliates will be informed about your program, through email system at TradeTracker.

There are various ways in which you can work with TradeTracker. Depending on your objectives, you can:

  • promote and sell products or services
  • generate leads
  • build an opt-in email database
  • generate visits to your site
  • increase your brand awareness


TradeTracker offers portfolio of advertisers within a wide array of categories.Because of the diversity in campaigns, each affiliate will be able to find one or more relevant campaigns which will match its target group. This makes sure the advertiser will always have a variety of affiliates to choose from when starting up a promotional campaign.

TradeTracker works together with numerous online shops get offered the opportunity to grow and establish themselves as a well-known A-brand.

See the campaign overview for a complete list of our advertisers.

Campaigns Adult   Art and living   Baby & kids   Books, papers and magazines Cars, motorcycles and bikes   Dating   Department stores   Domain names and hosting Entertainment and leisure   Fashion and jewelry   Financial products   Flowers   Food and beverages   Free services and prize contes…   Games and fun   Gifts and gadgets   Health and beauty   Hobby and leisure time Home and garden   Household appliances   Legal   Lottery and gaming   Office   Other   Party supplies   Personal internet services   Professional services   Sport and recreation   Telecommunication   Toys Travel and holidays


Merchant: The person or legal entity that provides users access to his/its site via affiliate sites through a link, where a user can purchase products or services, whereby remuneration will be payable to the affiliate website for such purchased products or services,

Affiliate: Every person or legal entity that is accepted as affiliate by TradeTracker, to provide users of its site access through a link to the site of a merchant and/or generates transactions for a merchant via promotions through other means.

Click: A user who surfs to a merchant via a TradeTracker link.

Lead: A user who is connected to a website of a merchant via the affiliate, and who has carried out a specific action on the merchant’s website, for example, registration as a user.

Transaction: A transaction is a purchase, login or other action as described in the program of the merchant, that is executed by or under instructions of a user, on the website of a merchant.

Traffic: A collective term for valid clicks, leads and transactions.

Artificial traffic: A collective term for invalid clicks, leads and transactions that can result in automatic opening, spiders, robots, searches in email or chat rooms, script generators, the placing of links on websites other than those specified, and clicks that are not generated by a browser, clicks that are not preceded by an active action of a user who wishes to access a specific website.

User: Every Internet user who goes to a merchant site through a link, via an affiliate site.

Affiliate site: Website of the affiliate on which the affiliate places links to merchants.

Affiliate Program: Program owned by TradeTracker.

Agreement or Contract: The agreement between TradeTracker and the affiliate, entered into in connection with the Affiliate Program.



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